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Treat your fitness and wellbeing obsessed friends and family to a fun activity themed greeting card from the Sportsy Collection range.

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The Sportsy Collection is a terrifically fun range of activity themed greeting cards for all your friends and family who are fitness or hobby freaks. It includes cycling, yoga, running, tennis, trampolining, fishing and golf cards, all with suitably groan-worthy puns of course!

Great for wishing a runner or cyclist good luck in an upcoming race, for saying well done afterwards but there are also cards for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Browse through the collection and I bet at least one of your friends will spring to mind who a card is just perfect for.

If a particular sport, hobby or leisure pursuit that you're after isn't represented here, let me know! I'm always happy to do custom orders and if enough interest is shown in a particular theme your suggestion might just be added to the range.